Jamie O'Brien

p: 503.235.1600


At Simpatica, the main reason that we got into catering was to offer a unique experience.  We push ourselves to offer food that rivals top restaurants in Portland.  How we do that is simple-we slow it down.  We cook seasonal menus.  We use traditional methods like smoking, grilling, brining, pickling and preserving.  We celebrate our local farms, ranches and food purveyors.  Many catering companies just pay this lip service.  We consider that an opportunity to show you the difference.

The owners at Simpatica are Ben Dyer, David Kreifels and Jason Owens.  Between the three of us, we have about 55 years of restaurant and catering experience.  We are proud of our other three restaurants Laurelhurst Market, Ate-oh-Ate and Reverend’s BBQ.  We are also extremely proud of the community that our restaurants have created, as well as our children and our lovely wives.

Please know that using Simpatica is a commitment to supporting a small company doing it the right way.