The leftbank philosophy on sustainability is rooted in common sense.

Our objective was to preserve as much of the original leftbank annex building as possible, while creating an extraordinarily functional space. The palette was taken from found materials in the building, so a balance of brick, steel, concrete, glass, and wood defines the space.  We salvaged as much of the original structure as we could, and when that was not possible, attempted a sustainable solution.

Below are highlights of some of the sustainable features in the annex:

  • Doug fir salvaged from initial interior deconstruction was used for the vast majority of building's re-purposing. Re-milled on site, it was used for floorboards, custom cabinets, stair treads, and trim.
  • Eco-harvested from trees in Southern Oregon, over twelve hundered square feet of Madrone flooring was installed in the mezzanine and nest.
  • Non-toxic finishes selected for most surfaces (MexeSeal and low VOC paints).
  • Six concrete countertops crafted on-site by a local artisan.
  • Dimmable fluorescent lighting system.
  • High efficiency toilets, automated lights and faucets, and Mitsubishi jet towel dryers installed in the bathrooms.